Find out about SPLAWN Amps. What's the REAL Story of these Amps

FIND out about splawn TUBE AMPS

Splawn Amps are built from the ground up and the amps are made to be world class leaders. Check out on this site exactly how they stack up against the competition. We compare Splawn with all of the following Manufacturers from right here on this website.

With a no holds barred approach to the reviews online you can be sure this site is where you can get the real lowdown and a fantastic comparison of these fine tube amps.

  • +  Superbly made products - do they hack it?
  • +  Compared with Marshall, Engl, Mesa Boogie  
    and other leading brands
  • +  Can a VG-99 Really be better than these Amps?


See images of what other equipment was used for the tests HERE nothing special - but nice to know...

How were the Amps setup for the test - HERE

Also on this site are sample tracks from Tony McKenzie's albums 'Eniac' and 'Berner Street - click HERE to listen.

Overview of the results on this site - HERE

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In the Spotlight


WOW -  the NITRO Packs a Punch - but exactly what is this amp offering.

We compare this amp with other leading brands such as Various Marshall Amps, Mesa Boogie, THD, V30 and even a VG-99 and show you whether this amp really cuts it

There are actually THREE Marshall Amps compared with the Nitro on this site - you might think that is a bit weird - but the truth of it is that Splawn has long been known as a Marshall killer and as they say 'every amp tells a story'. We also compare some other amps as listed above and it's quite amazing just how the Nitro stands up to this challenge.

Scary as it may seem - we even compare the Roland VG-99 Guitar Synthesizer with the Splawn Nitro - the outcome is anyone's guess - but our findings are all on this site... just checkout our conclusions.

This site is now complete. We sincerely hope that it helps you in some way to benefit from what's on here and maybe it will even offer you an insight in to amps that you thought were no use to you and could not possibly adapt to 'your' sound.

Thanks for visiting the site and come back occasionally - we intend to do some small updates over time.