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Marshall Amp Comparisons.
Compare TSL, DSL and 1987X with the Nitro.
Engl Amp Comparison.
Checkout the E670 in a Head to Head Battle.
Mesa Rectifier Amp Comparison.
Rectifier Rampant against the Nitro.
THD Amp Comparison
THD Univalve Can it Hack it?
V30 Amp Comparison
The V30 is it a Tone Monster? is the Nitro Hotter?
A Synth against the Nitro?
Can the VG-99 REALLY be a 'better' Amp?

You just gotta believe it - a complete checkout of the amps, quality, features, SOUNDS, pricing and even Warranty. It can get scary when we review the Roland VG-99 Guitar Synth - they claim that those things are BETTER than the real thing.... hmmm we shall certainly see when these amps all go head to head. Just click on a picture to checkout the reviews.

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Compare Marshall, Mesa, THD, V30 and Even a VG-99!

  • That's Right - get the lowdown on these amps. They are all superb products in their own right and you should not conclude that any of these are bad amps or inferior to other models on this site. It just depends what you are trying to achieve on the amp in question.

  • Some are more suited to one task or another - but are there any amps here that can do it all, and if so, how well do they achieve their goals?