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Tony's main website is at www.tonymckenzie.com

What he does....
He's a rock guitarist from the UK who wrote 'Berner Street' along with Alan Bruce - find out more at www.bernerstreet.com

Tony also operates Bigdan Studio's in the UK and runs Bigdan Records, an indie label that puts out cleverly marketed music.

Tony Mckenzie has been playing guitar since the early 70's and has used most tube amps during this time - Marshall Amps and Mesa Boogie have been firm favourites, but also many other amps such as Engl have fired up his sound for some time.

Here on these pages Tony compares the Inimitable Splawn Nitro Custom Tube Amp and dares to compare this awesome head against all the Standards, Customs, Cleverly Marketed and Sheer brilliant Amp Heads on the market today - and don't even imagine what he says about the VG-99 Guitar Synth! Can this Roland box actually compare to ANY of the amps featured on this site?

Checkout the comparisons page to find out - you may be VERY surprised.....

Remember - if you don't like Tony's music or the site or even everything - no problem read HERE


Tony Mckenzie 2008

In recent times Tony has released two albums, the first called 'Eniac' which was an instrumental guitar album and a more recent album 'Berner Street' (released on 13th April 2008) which is available in stores if you ask for it .

Here's a few tracks in mp3 format from the 'Eniac' album:

And here are some tracks from the 'Berner Street' Album (where you can win $10,000 by solving a puzzle hidden in the music - visit www.bernerstreet.com to find out more)

 * Neverland
 * Tumblety
 * Respect
 * Kathy
 * Creeping Death

The album can be bought  directly from the 'Berner Street' website, in stores or on ITunes and other download sites presently.

We hope you like the music and - Please - tell us which amps were used on which tracks - it should be rather entertaining....  we promise to put your answers on the site depending how many you get right... just email us your answers.