Marshall TSL, DSL, and 1987X Amp Shootout
How will the Splawn Nitro Compare?

Marshall Amps are really a piece of history embedded in Rock  and surrounded by mystery and a whole lot of legends and folklore which may or may not affect the sounds of the amps - things like alloy chassis, type of capacitors etc etc - you could go on forever believing all of that (and many of you readers WILL believe that sort of thing sincerely).

BUT  - there comes a time when it does not always work out quite as the hearsay and opinions match the truth.

Find out here what the real score is when we compare the above amps with the Splawn Nitro....  Hold on, it's going to be a bumpy ride... right to hell and back!


The TSL is one of the great Marshalls out there but can it shine a light against the Nitro?

Check this out....


The DSL100 is one of the biggest selling Marshall amps ever made - surely the Splawn can't compare? 


The 1987X Marshall is through and through old school of that there is no doubt and the Nitro comes from Marshall Designs... Interesting...