What to Gain from this Site
Is the Splawn Nitro the 'Winner' killer amp it should be?

Throughout this site are views about all the amps, how they perform, sound, cost and whether the amp fits in to 'today's' requirements for modern guitarists of all styles - Surely there is a winning combination?

Right from the start of the development of this site we always knew that it would be tough talking about the 'winner' of the shootout between all of these great pieces of equipment.

In fact, if you think about it, there can be (and are) no winners or losers - if you own any one (or indeed more than one) of these fine products yourself then you probably already own a piece of kit that YOU get along with.

Whether it's a Marshall sound, or more aggressive Engl or Splawn Nitro or any of the other pieces of kit, there are no losers. No matter how you try, every product has a use and if you use it for the style of music from the era when it was developed you cannot go far wrong - i.e. don't expect a THD to sound like a Nitro - it NEVER will.

I did show a winner and loser on these comparisons - but not maybe in the way you might think - EVERY amp has it's good and bad points and I have suggested various things to give a 'feel' of the better choice of amp. But it really depends on how you look at what you want to achieve.... these are just my views...  maybe not yours...

I am sure that there are those of you out there who are reading this right now that will disagree and disagree very loudly sometimes - everyone has their own opinion, but those guys usually either play one style, or can't/won't/don't want to play anything else - ever. For those guys - you probably own what you need right now.

For everyone else? Well here's where it all gets better - this site shows you in a small way many of the differences between the amps and how they sound in real life just as if you had plugged in to the thing yourself (you might play better than me (who cares) - but the sounds I guess would be similar) so you can get a good idea what each product offers.

If there are shortcomings found by us we tell you about them so there are no major issues if you buy one yourself - there is NOTHING worse than buying an amp (or stomp machine) and finding out that it was a complete waste of money for you - might be good for someone else - but hey, you spent the money on it - and likely you will lose some if you sell it.

My advice is this - listen by all means to the sounds and comments on this site - it took a while to put together - and then if you like a particular product - go and TRY IT in the music store through your cab (most important) to see if you REALLY like the amp - you may be disappointed - sounds are VERY subjective and what you might like someone else thinks is the pits.....

For those dedicated followers of one brand - hey listen up - spread your mind a little further than the box you have and who knows - with the right inspiration (which is derived from how the sound is to you) who knows, maybe you will become a better player with a much wider palette of sounds at your disposal - some of the kit on this site is relatively low cost second hand, so it won't break the bank to expand a little further.

Myself - I have spent many years focussed on the guitar alone and although I have had many amps, it's only within the last six or seven years or so that I have appreciated the different amps, their unique sounds and even (most importantly)  the cabs and speakers - you would not believe what just a change of speakers makes to your sound (I don't mean the cab - I mean the speakers themselves).

I own or have owned every bit of equipment that is demonstrated on this site and I can tell you that REALLY there are no winners or losers - and that's a fact.

Each and every amp and/or simulator on this site excels at what it does best, in the case of the Splawn Nitro, in my view this is an awesome amp which cries out for heavy modern rock - it really is a towering monster among amps and absolutely worth every penny you would pay for one.

BUT - I can say that for the Marshall TSL, the DSL, the 1987X, the Engl (which is by far the most expensive amp on this site) and even the humble GT-10 floor pedal - they ALL excel at their particular objective.

Ask yourself this if you disagree - Marshall amps are all different - the 1987X, the DSL the TSL etc - how could Marshall continue in business for all of these years selling the same sound - the answer is simple - they have not. Each Marshall amp sounds different - and each one has it's followers (you might be one of them) - so each amp was designed with a particular 'time' in mind - and you will find that each amp actually is fixed in music at that 'time of invention' - so for example a 60's 100 watt head will ALWAYS sound like a 60's 100 watt head unless you butcher it in to something else. It's true to say they are all basically Marshall amps - but I'm sure that the Marshall guys among you will all confirm each is different from model to model - just as Splawn amps are too - and so are all the other brands....

So - you need to find an amp that 'fits' your style and purpose in life - it's no use whatsoever trying to get modern heavy metal (in my view) from a THD Univalve - no matter how you try...  listen for yourself at the examples - this is one area that is lacking in the THD for example. But remember - styles change - and so will you over the years, what you do today, trust me, will absolutely not be what you are doing in just 10 years from now - unless you want to be known as a guy stuck in time - along with your amp :-) - so there IS a need to keep up to speed with your style changes and the current technology in amplification and guitars etc.

In any case, this site is not here to make you do something you don't want to - or to burden you with something that would not be useful to you as a musician, it is here to hopefully enlighten the reader to the fact that an 'all amps are the same' syndrome is not good for the musician and in my view would be limiting your style quite dramatically over time.

Please note that the commercial music on this site is all (c) Bigdan Records Inc Ltd 2009 - please do not abuse the copyright on this material - the amp samples are hereby offered copyright free.

Lastly, maybe it will help you become a better musician by expanding your sounds further than where they are at today.

Thanks for visiting the site - everything on here is my personal view and everything on this site is:

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