What about the Set-up?.....
How were those Amps Set-up....

  Exactly how did you set up the Amps for Test?

All of the test sounds you hear were individually prepared using the SAME cab - so the sounds will be approximately the same throughout the tests.

What was different on each setup:
      *  The tubes in each amp were the exact type the amp shipped with i.e. EL34 or 6L6 etc
      *  The actual sound was shaped with the tone controls on the amp only.
         We felt that setting everything to 12 o clock was not a real world comparison - 12 o clock means
         different things to different amps - they are all different regarding onboard EQ. This way the sound
         that you hear is probably similar to the sounds you would get if you compared these amps yourselves
         and at least these sounds are reasonable expectations achieved from each amp on test.
      * The SAME microphone was used throughout except for the VG-99 which was direct in to the desk
      * We did not use any EQ from the desk whatsoever so the sound remains as is from each amp tested

The only guitars used were an Ibanez RG550 with EVO Pickup on the bridge and a Jazz Pickup on the neck. We also used a Fender Stratocaster with the Roland Pickup made for the VG-99 Guitar Synthesiser.

The same guitar leads, pick and even the same player was used throughout. There were no effects whatsoever except in the case of the VG-99. To be fair, the unit would not sounded right without effects for each patch.